Saturday, November 13, 2010

New template/movies

My other template really wasn't working. People couldn't follow me or comment on posts, so this is here temporarily until i can get something that works.

Anyway, I went to see saw 3d with my friend Corrie. It was gross! I'm not easily phased by that, but if you don't like guts flying at your face, i wouldn't recommend seeing it. It was my first real 3d movie.

Here is the pictures!

Face and hair. I broke out recently and it was really hard to cover up ;_; I also apologize for my messy brows.

I don't have any pictures from the movies (obviously) but we went to McDonalds after. This shouldn't be special ahaha, but the McDonalds near me is being renovated and wont be done till December. So I get really excited when i get to eat McDonalds now... I had this:

They're new smoothies! I really wanted one of these. They are better than orange Julius, seriously. It was strawberry and banana and I loved it.

Then we did some csi stuff with my new glasses.

Fuck yeah. The next day my friend corrie came to school with me for some reason... (we go to different schools) and we went to this random b
ridge haha.
Mercedes is crazy.

Apparently lyrics loves Ramonda. That's an interesting game of hangman there...

Below the bridge... ahaha

A beautiful day! Outside!

Me and my beautiful makeupless face.

Nazi boy?!?

Anyway that was our eventful day.
and night
Also, for christmas i'm getting my tattoo! Next time i'll tell you about it

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Belated halloween post

I haven't posted in awhile, mostly because I haven't been doing gal stuff lately. For one thing, I dropped a class and the longest I'm in school is 3 hours, but on any given day I'm usually in there for 2 hours. Its really relaxing and i needed it because i was under a lot of stress. Also, we had parent teacher interviews that i asked my parent to go to. My mom thinks lately i haven't been as outspoken as i used to be. This kind of makes me sad... Not that i ever thought i was really outspoken, but i know its disappointing her to think of me like that. My teachers have noticed it too, apparently. Anyway enough gloomy stuff. Here's my Halloween post!
First me and some friends went to a birthday party the night before Halloween.

Me and one of my (non gal) bffs :)

Later in the night. My bottom eyelashes were falling off..
On Halloween night we made...

Candy apples! My mom is so cute setting all this up for us. We had caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, rainbow chocolate chips, and walnuts.

PhotobucketMe and my fam making the things. It was so messy i didn't even realise my cleavage was showing.... :D

But being an art geek, my favourite part of course was painting pumpkins. No its not traditional haha, I just felt like painting them this year. The one on the top is mine and i did the pikachu for my sister.
Thats it... it wasn't that eventful of a weekend, but i still had a lot of fun ♥
ttfn :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I got my free sample in the mail today of...

Shiseido skincare! Heres the inside

Three steps haha. First!

Put this foaming stuff all over your face and then rinse thoroughly! Me without makeup haha...

Put the softener on a cotton pad and gently rub on your face. This part felt so good <3
Next is the moisture recharge!

Thats that! It made my face feel so good and my hands smell great from spreading the stuff on <3 I really love simple stuff like this. Unfortunately shiseido is probably pretty expensive. But i got a card for 10 dollars off so i'll probably hit up the bay and check it out!
Todays song: LUDA- number one spot



of course i'll add eyeliner/lashes and such. My sister said halloween isnt for being scary anymore, Its for being sexy. Well I'm gonna be sexy, my face is just gonna be ripped up ahaha. By the way, i have this cute little geisha costume. i wanted to ghostbusters one but it wasnt at the store.

I love halloween. This is my costume, by the way

The belt on it really sucks so i'll probably end up sewing a new one. One more thing

Tonight i'm making this :

Magic bags. They're super easy. Just filled with rice and are great for cramps <3

ttfn :)